Of foot travel and forest land.

I apologise for my extended absence.  I can only claim my studies have taken precedence and, while still doing so, I am treating this as both a literary and therapeutic exercise.

I’m sure we’ve all sometimes felt watched, observed when walking wooded paths.  I can attest that Kent is  beautiful place for a wander.  I can likewise confirm that Kent’s woodlands hold the same observant air as others, of which I will speak in greater detail at a later time.  Whether you choose to attribute this to paranoia, an over-active imagination, spirits, the Fey, or being eyed by squirrels, the fact remains that there is, most definitely a feeling of being set apart, in a way.  Removed both physically and psychologically from the regular, daily circumstances of semi-predictable life.

This is not to say that the strange and surprising only occurs in the deep backwoods.  Rather, there is a presupposition that by exploring a particular environment, an individual has consciously removed themselves from the mundane, entering into a region that if not sacred is or can be reflective and meditative.  This in mind, it is not difficult to envision the simple act of entering a grove, wood, or even tree-lined path as a modality and conveyor of greater personal change.  The narratives to come will explore this in greater detail.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I.  Peace to you and yours.

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