The Yule Gargoyle

Now the lighting was a bit funky, I will admit that.  However, during the winter hols, I was in the shower room of my student flat and all of a sudden, this little guy came walking past the door, which had been left open.  I want to say it was about knee-height, as it appeared to be the same height as my bed.  I tried sketching it out but that sadly was a largely ineffectual exercise.  Suffice to say, it resembled a small dragon, with clawed forepaws and folded, but iridescent wings.  It was, however, largely transparent, though I noticed a blue-green shimmer to its form.  Though it had the general appearance of beasts from dragon legend, it’s maw was more in line with tales of gargoyles.  I am as yet unsure what it was I saw, but it appeared conscious of its surroundings.  As I watched, it turned its head and, upon catching my gaze, I remember seeing its glowing eyes widen slightly, before fading rapidly from sight.  I have not seen it since, though that is not much surprising.

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