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The Yule Gargoyle

Now the lighting was a bit funky, I will admit that.  However, during the winter hols, I was in the shower room of my student flat and all of a sudden, this little guy came walking past the door, which … Continue reading

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Samhain Encounters with Will and the Black Dog

I freely admit to having had some interesting encounters over the years.  I’m sure they’ll make appearances here, given enough time.  One of the more intriguing though happened only a few months ago, on Samhain, incidentally enough. As I was … Continue reading

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Of foot travel and forest land.

I apologise for my extended absence.  I can only claim my studies have taken precedence and, while still doing so, I am treating this as both a literary and therapeutic exercise. I’m sure we’ve all sometimes felt watched, observed when … Continue reading

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Music: a spiritual and healing medium

Everyone has their own methods of self-healing.  For some this takes the form of exercise; running, jogging, swimming, weights, aerobics, cycling, etc.  For some it is expressed in literature–either losing themselves in the written word, or creating it.  Still others … Continue reading

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A quick aside…

I found this at Willow’s Place — a really interesting blog.  She’s participating in the Pagan Blog Project. 🙂  I have to say, it’s a rather apt sentiment some days. *Comment whether you understand or not. 🙂

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Observations and Advice for Dealing with Energetic Issues and Stress

Hi everyone.  I am assuming, something I really shouldn’t do as an anthropologist, that anyone visiting this site has at least a basic interest in the subject of spirituality and won’t head for the hills in terror upon reading about … Continue reading

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I am me, you are you. This is an intro. How do you do?

I am an Ethnobotany student in Canterbury, at the moment, largely intuitive, and rather quirky.  If you’re into spiritual environmental exploration (i.e. tales of my Druidic self going walkabout in the foresty bits and resultant encounters), then you’ve come to … Continue reading

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